The Importance of Using a Sealer

Sealers are often overlooked as an optional application for finished surfaces. While they are typically used to solidify concrete structures to form a protective barrier, they are also ideal for use on painted surfaces as they can help to minimize colour fade.

Sealers are recommended for use over Trowel-on finishes, in particular on medium to dark shades which are more prone to colour changes over time. Once trowel on is being applied to external surfaces, it will be exposed to the elements including UV light which directly impacts the quality of the colours. It is therefore, essential that a coat of sealer is used on trowel that is being applied outdoors or on areas that are exposed to some degree of sun-light, sea water and/or wind.

One gallon of Diamond Surface Conditioner and Sealer covers approximately 350 square feet of application surfaces. Once finishes or paints have completely dried, the sealer may be applied to areas that require additional protection.