How to Reduce Paint Odours

Paint has a wonderful way of transforming any space while creating visual interest. One of the downsides of painting is the residual odors that are emitted after the paint has been applied. Getting rid of these odours or at the very least minimizing their effects is achievable using a few nifty tricks.

Increase Ventilation

Always apply paint in a well ventilated area. This means that all windows and doors in the space should be left open for at least 6 hours or more to allow the pungent smells to migrate further away from the space.

Use Water to Absorb Odours

Place a few medium to large sized buckets in the corners and the center of the room to help absorb the odours. This will work particularly well if a bit of lime juice or vinegar is added to the water to enhance the process.

Light a scented candle

A particularly fragrant scented candle will help to eliminate the original paint odor while leaving a refreshingly pleasant scent. Be careful not to place the candles nearby walls that have just been painted with oil based paints as this can become a potential fire hazard.

Burn a stick of incense

Incense or charcoal can help to reduce the odors of paint significantly. Let these burn for as long as the smell is considered unbearable. Opt for a fragrance that you find pleasing and ensure that it is not left unattended especially if small children are in the home.